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As Cool As the Other Side of the Pillow: 'OZ on Ice

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OZilian on a glacier

We recently received the photo above and the note of explanation below, and it's a pleasure to share both. If nothing else, it's a great counterpoint to another sweaty day in New Orleans. 

Here I am on Father's Day in Juneau, Alaska my home. This photo was taken by my Dad as this adventure was a portion of his Dad's Day gifts.

I am on the Mendenhall Glacier, which is one of 3 places in the world where a person can be on a glacier, in a rainforest, next to the ocean....

My first visit to NOLA was in November 2005 with the Red Cross. Although the region was a disaster, I fell in-love with the people and the bursting cultures of the city. I left a portion of my heart in the Crescent City. I returned in February 2007 and volunteered in Holy Cross for about 10 days. This is when I discovered your station. I have been listening ever since and in May 2011 my partner and I spent a week in the French Quarter and took the time to tour the station and get this shirt. Thank you, thank you, thank you for preserving the sounds of this great American treasure that is New Orleans.

Now how do I get some Abita Turbo Dog sent here?

Guardian of the groove,
Steve S.

We're always happy to see examples of 'OZilians taking New Orleans to the world. And Steve, if we think of a way to solve your Turbo Dog problem, we'll pass it along!


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