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Sun Ra Solstice Show 2013 style!

Old Sun Ra Poster - Thanks Darcy
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OK, we're all busy people as we rocket through time and space on this rock that we call Earth, so I'll make this quick:


Tuesday night 6/18/13 10 PM CST on 90.7 FM:


The annual Sun Ra Solstice show!  At least 2 hours of nothing but Sun Ra and the Cosmo Arkestra, the Space Jazz Arkestra, Supersonic Jazz Arkestra, The Myth Science Arkestra, The Astro Infiinity Arkestra, His Solar Arkestra, Astro Solar Infinity Arkestra! 


Fun and wild music to be had by all.  Please come celebrate the day when the earth is closest to the Sun (although we do it a couple days before) which is responsible for all life on this planet.  You will hear notes, tones, harmonies, textures, and vibrations that can change your life, world, and everything that you do and don't know.


And we're feeling like putting on some long tracks, so prepare yourself.  Put on your helmets, gird your loins, get your roll on, do what you got to do!



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