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Eulipion Lounge Returns

Quarter Rat Magazine's Parade to the Eulipion Lounge
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Special Show Air Time:

Saturday, June 8, 2013 - 11:59pm - Sunday, June 9, 2013 - 3:00am

Program: Blues in the Night with Jamie Dell'Apa

On tonight's show from the Eulipion Lounge, three hours of 1950s - 70s R&B "music you've never heard by musicians you've never heard of" from New Orleans only pop-up music club with the unique "Theater of Your Mind" stages.  Tonight's bill features Johnny Adams, Jack Dupree, Professor Longhair and Rudy Ray Moore as they sounded before the record companies tried to overcome a dis-interested public's inertia with an over-produced, overly commercial formulaic sound.  


Join us live Saturday at midnight until Sunday at 3am - just close your eyes and you're here.  


Yep, the usual Saturday night music and sound clip interstitials but set in a local music club with the local characters and best of all, if you want to join us on this radio parade, send me an email.  Just send it, (Right Now!) and I'll fill you in.  









Send to Jamie Dell'Apa at this web site's "show host" "Profiles"  Yeah, I know emails are no longer in vogue but I'm not very social with media either.  For that matter, I haven't flipped the pages of my wall calandar since the 1970's.



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