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20th anniversary show tonight at 10 PM

We're both dead.
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One of our inspirations
Me and another one of our inspirations
The master of Space, Time, Music, etc !

OK, all you late night lovers of the weird, wild, and wonderful on your radio, we are celebrating!


Tonight is the 20th anniversary of my being a scheduled DJ on WWOZ!  Wahoo! 


I'm certain that my listener remembers all the crazy radio from James Booker birthdays, 5 hours of Sun Ra for Solstice/New Years with 5 Sun Ra tunes playing at once, the Mardi Gras shows with Frank Zappa, Electric Miles, and the overnight Mardi Gras parade at 3 AM in Armstrong Park, tributes to Hunter S. Thompson, Jim Carroll, Jim Dickinson, Joe Henderson, Elvin Jones, AFO, an hour straight of Maggot Brain, countdowns to the end of Ray Nagin, George W. Bush, and Richard "DICK" Cheney's reigns, Cottonmouth, TX doing poetry - yeah, you remember...or maybe you don't.


Anyway, tonight the Tin Men are coming on to play in celebration and there will be them and some recorded music and cupcakes decorated by 4 year old Lil C. and 2 year old Double LL, and the usual mayhem, madness, cross dimensional shout outs, chaos, randomness, and Space (it is still the place). 


I know you don't have anything better to do (I mean, most toenail polish emporiums are closed by then with the possible exception of the R Bar) so listen.


And thanks to everyone for all their ear time and support over the past 20 years.  You know who you are.  As the Grateful Dead might have said if they ever recorded with Albert Ayler "Lately it occurs to me/weewooovaddlevaddleOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"


And to all you haters, I know who you are too and I'm coming to get you.

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