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A Tour of the Drum Kit with Stanton Moore

Stanton Moore
Working at your desk: Stanton Moore's lunch at the drum kit during our last Membership Drive. Photo by Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee.
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According to Herlin Riley, the modern drum kit was developed in New Orleans, so who better than Stanton Moore of Galactic (and, of course, the Stanton Moore Trio) to conduct a tour of the modern drum kit?

In this 13+ minute video, Moore introduces each of the kit's components and demonstrates ways it can be used. FWIW, while this video is an excerpt from a series of "for sale" instructional materials, the promotional content is minimal, and Moore's explication is excellent, making it definitely worth a look.



For a selection of videos about New Orleans music and culture from around the web, check out our YouTube Channel's "Favorites" playlislt.


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