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Rolling with Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns

Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns
Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns at French Quarter Fest 2012, photo by Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee.
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Here's a newish music video (out earlier this month) that's worth a look. Its title, "Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns - Bloody Sunday Sessions" needs a little elaboration. The song performed is "Miss Otis Regrets", a 1934 Cole Porter number, and it's done in a mule carriage rolling through Mid-City, along the banks of Bayou St John.

Bloody Sunday Sessions, meanwhile, refers to a series of video performances occurring in the back of New Orleans’ mule-drawn carriages. The creators describe the idea as having been "born on a balcony in the French Quarter... Watching the carriages pass by during breaks from a home studio recording session, it seemed only logical to put the two together. Add some bloody marys to the mix and the rest is history in the making." Other acts who've made Bloody Sunday Session videos include the Treme Brass Band, Fishbone, Brassaholics, and the Morning Forty Federation. See their Facebook page for more.

This is not simply a funny/cute gimmick. It's noteworthy because it reaches back to the past in a way that's not merely nostalgic, but a genuine connection to the musical history of New Orleans. During the early days of jazz, bands promoted shows by performing on wagons rolling through the city's neighborhoods. People would hear the music and be drawn to the street, where they learned about the whatever gig the band was promoting. It's interesting & cool to see the digital age's take on that tradition.



For a selection of videos about New Orleans music and culture from around the web, check out our YouTube Channel's "Favorites" playlislt.


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