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Blood Drive for Sunday's Victims

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The New Orleans Musicians Clinic will be hosting a replacement blood drive on Wednesday, May 22 from 3-9pm for the victims of Sunday's shootings at 617 Frenchmen Street, at the Art Market

Sign up by emailing the following information to Erica Dudas of NOMC at office@nomaf.org: 1) full name 2) full address 3) phone number and 4) time preferred (somewhere between 3-9pm May 22).

Let's help make this event a success and collect a minimum of 50 pints of blood.   

NOMC is looking for people to sign up between the hours of 6 and 9, and they're in need of volunteers. To help out contact Erica (information below)

Because this is a replacement drive for those victims of the shooting on Sunday, donors are welcome to fill out the blood replacement claim form prior to the event and bring it with them, or there will be forms available there as well.

Here is some general information about giving blood.

Questions? Contact Erica at office@nomaf.org or 415-3514 with questions.

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