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John Boutte on the Food Heritage Stage

Tag(s): Jazz Fest

John Boutte performing at Jazz Fest is a given, but this year he stepped up to stage you might not expect: the Food Heritage Stage in the Grandstand. That's right, John donned an apron, put on a cap, and picked up some stirring spoons for WWOZ! John prepared his Down in the Treme Carrot Ginger Soup, a recipe he donated to WWOZ's cookbook That Sounds Good!

If you missed John's demo, WWOZ will be back at the Food Heritage stage next Thursday, May 2 at 3:30. The fantastic Miss Lena Prima will be cooking up meatballs.

All photos by Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee RHRphoto.com       

John on the Food Heritage Stage.


Carrots, fennel and lemon are key ingredients in John's light & fresh soup.


John considering his next move.

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