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Arts Minister in Melbourne - Another Jazz Fest Fan


One of the great annual events for us at WWOZ is broadcasting live from the Jazz and Heritage Festival and sharing the music and the musicians with fans around the planet.


This year I was hoping that Heidi Victoria, a fan of WWOZ in Australia, would visit during the Jazz Fest --- but alas --- something intervened: she was appointed to be the Arts Minister (as well as the Minister of Consumer Affairs and Women’s Affairs) in the State of Victoria.


When I asked her to email some thoughts about Jazz Fest, WWOZ and New Orleans, this was her reply (slightly edited):


Dear Jelly Roll


I had the great pleasure of visiting NOLA in 2005 [before Katrina] for Jazz Fest.  It had always been a dream of mine to visit, and I was not disappointed.


The thing that struck me most was the sound.  I was staying on the edge of the French Quarter and every home I walked past had music coming out of it.  JazzFest has got to be one of the world's great music events.  I spent a lot of time at the Gospel tent - it's one genre of music we don't seem to get much of in Australia, but it's just fantastic to listen to.  The Heritage stage fascinated me, and as a former photographer, it was the source of many great shots.


I am a single mum, so I often work late in to the night after my daughter has gone to bed.  I always have WWOZ on in the background.  I really like the variety of what's presented, and always love hearing the 'what's on' bits....wishing I was in the Crescent City to head off to the Blue Nile or Tipitina's.


Of course, we have a thriving jazz culture of our own in Melbourne.  From small clubs to the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, there's plenty to see and do.  We also have brilliant jazz-oriented university courses, which are producing some amazing musicians.


I can't wait until the opportunity arises for me to visit NOLA again.  It's a favourite city of mine, and I can't wait to share the experience with my daughter...

One thing's for sure...I'll be back!

Heidi Victoria


Dear Madame Minister, please enjoy listening via the internet to WWOZ broadcasts at the 2013 Jazz and Heritage Fest.

Jelly Roll



Hey,By reading this post I am

Hey,By reading this post I am also feeling to go to NOLA and I hope someday I will go to see it.

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