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So much changes with an “s”.

And this is NOT that place.......
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When Robert Johnson recorded his song “Crossroad Blues”, he was not singing about some nondescript intersection, he was singing about a very specific place in the flat delta plain between the Yazoo and Mississippi Rivers. A place known by all and visited by only a very few. It is the place where Lonnie Johnson went at midnight on a moonless night to offer his soul to Legba for the ability to play his guitar. If you fully understand the blueslore then you will surely know where this place is located.

Far too many blues musicians, fans and others have changed this very specific place into any place where two roads cross by adding an “s” to make it crossroads. By making the word plural it removes the uniqueness and significant meaning of that mystical place where Legba will appear to barter a deal with a willing person.

When you talk “blues”, show the world that you understand the significance of The CROSSROAD. And if you don’t yet understand where and how this place is important then it is time for some research or a long talk with a bluesman.



It was definitely not Lonnie Johnson that offered his soul to Legba. It was however, Tommy Johnson of Crystal Springs, MS


Ya, You RIGHT!!!!!

I stand corrected,

Yes I surely meant to type Tommy Johnson and my brain told my fingers differently. Lonnie Johnson while a wonderful blues and jazz artist was born in New Orleans and was not active in the "Delta" during his life time. Thank you for pointing out the error.

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