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Second Line to Power the Tower!!

WWOZ 30th Birthday Second Line. Photo by Danielle Small.
WWOZ 30th Birthday Second Line. Photo by Danielle Small.
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Who wants to Second Line??

This is your chance to strut your stuff and show your support for WWOZ!

As most of you, a few weeks ago I would have never considered taking part in the Crescent City Classic. Then I found out that WWOZ was raising funds for its NEW TRANSMITTER through the CCC and now I am participating in the CCC and raising funds for WWOZ and I want YOU to join me!

We already have a few members, volunteers, staff, and show hosts singed up.  So please join MUSICIANS,  WWOZ  STAFF, SHOW HOSTS, VOLUNTEERS and MEMBERS to carry the banner and be the Guardians of the Groove. It is a simple sign up and your friends can then pledge from $1-200 on your behalf. Each person raises $200 they get free entry and OZ wins. 

You will also get a T-Shirt and there will be an after party for the CCC

Join TEAM OZ after for a party at the finish line!

Be in this number!

Here is the link to register and then recruit others to donate under your name   

Run the Classic for 'OZ page!!

Definitely find and  join us on the

Run (Walk or Crawl) the Crescent City Classic Facebook Event Page!

Now how do we make this fun for the people who don't run
We will walk crawl and have a day of Second Lining fun
There will be music to help us keep the rhythm,

Show your spirit and just  get with them.
Wear your favorite OZ shirt or gear carry your OZ banner or flag
So everyone will see and hear your zest with WWOZ swag

Run walk crawl or scoot along,
but to not take part would be all wrong!
We are the Guardians of the Groove

and we will



We must get at least 100 participants to pull this off
So after you sign up we only need 99
99 bottles of beer on the wall 99 bottles of beer........


With the Fund Drive starting next week you may forget

so sign up now it does not cost anything to sign up

then your friends can make donations on your behalf


leave a note in the comments after you register


any questions or suggestions email

Old Man River

go to the link below and see who has signed up and how much they have raised so far



Sponsor someone!

If you can't participate go to this link and consider sponsoring a runner any amount is appreciated and it all goes to WWOZ!
Check it out, it's easy!

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