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"Pardon My French"

Le Tour Eiffel
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While out at the Bestoff Sculpture Garden in City Park this Tuesday morning --- where I volunteer --- I was approached by an elderly tourist from Paris who could not speak any English.  She needed to ask a question about the garden, and began with 

"Pardonnez mon francais."

I think that roughly translates as "Pardon my French" --- which has a distinct meaning in our culture.

Always on the outlook for show themes, I thought, given the many jazz tunes with French words in their title or about Paris, "why not do a show featuring one of the most beautiful spoken languages in the world?"  

On Thursday, January 10th, during Jazz from the French Market, as I announce the tunes, I will try to avoid mutilating the titles, but let me warn you, jazz lovers, Jelly Roll's French is horrendous.

So please, Pardon My French. 

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