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New Orleans Fringe Festival takes to stages across the city this week

New Orleans Fringe Festival
2012 New Orleans Fringe Festival
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Moving Heavy Things
'Moving Heavy Things' at The Candle Factory (4537 N. Robertson) will be part of the 2012 New Orleans Fringe Festival

The 5th Annual New Orleans Fringe Festival hits stages across the city this week with its special and unusual theatrical features. Fringe Fest is where one can catch some of the most innovative and creative theater being performed anywhere in the country today.

The Fringe Festival features all types of shows, ranging from improvisational, puppet, and adult-themed to comedic, circus artistry, and kid-friendly. The festival starts on Wednesday, November 14, and will run through Sunday, November 18. Most shows have more than one performance per night and nearly all feature only New Orleans writers, directors, producers, and actors. Tickets are available by purchasing for a ticket for a single show pass, six-show pass, and all-access pass.

The Fringe Festival HQ for this year's festival is in the Marigny with Festival sponsored shows going on at Cafe Istanbul, Mardi Gras Zone, Marigny Opera House, Den of Muses, Shadowbox Theatre, the Old FIrehouse, and Sound Cafe. There are also a number of "Bring Your Own Venue" (BYOV) shows going on all over the city, stretching from the 9th ward to uptown to City Park. The vast majority are in the Marigny and upper 9th Ward-- there, festival goers will be able to walk to catch different plays and performances.

One such "BYOV" production is the kid-friendly "Moving Heavy Things" at The Candle Factory (4537 N. Robertson). "Moving Heavy Things" is an interpretation of a children's book of the same name by Jan Lee Adkins. The show is an exuberant, creative, and engaging performance about, as one might guess, moving heavy things! The play features a colorful set, energetic dancers and actors, and humorous demonstrations of amazing physical feats. Audience participation in moving the heavy things is highly encouraged!

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