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Hurricane Gilbert Versus Hurricane Katrina

Photo of Gilbert - You can't imagine how scary looking.
Gilbert at peak strength in the Gulf - huge with a perfect eye and 185 mph winds
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24 years ago (September 12th, 1988), Jamaica was blasted by the then category three storm, Hurricane Gilbert.  On its way to the Yucatan, Gilbert became a huge category five hurricane with 185mph winds and a then record-setting 888 millibars of low pressure.  

"Gilbert," like "Katrina," was retired from the hurricane naming conventions but that didn't stop "Gilbert" (or "Katrina") from constantly reappearing in song.  From our friends at WFMU.org (who kept WWOZ on the air after Katrina) here are familiar hurricane scenes that could easily be placed in New Orleans but for the very different sound:



and a warning about buying meat after the storm:




Also Yellowman with a more traditional message:








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