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GOT TO HEAR THIS: All About Everything - John Boutte

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Count your blessings when you find an album like John Boutté’s remarkable “ALL ABOUT EVERYTHING.”

In twelve songs performed by a confederacy of the many talents that walk the streets of New Orleans in 2012, Boutté’s voice reigns benevolently, intimate and commanding.  An inviting listen, the album tugs at you collectively, teasing you to find a favorite among the local compositions and the more universal covers.

His fans know his live performances of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallellujah” will make you cry with nostalgia and joy, but the gospel treatment in this version sounds just right.  Compositions by masters Dave Bartholomew and Allen Toussaint sound perfectly at home, as they should, and you will feel compelled to add another name to that list: Paul Sanchez’s “A Thousandfold” is a brilliant little sparkle of writing that can only be distilled by years of experiencing joy and pain in the city.

Bet you can’t listen just once.

ALBUM: All About Everything

ARTIST: John Boutte

LABEL: Boutteworks, 2012.

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