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Lionel Double Header

Uncle Lionel Batiste, Sally Young, & Lionel Ferbos at Palm Court Jazz Cafe
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Tune in on Thursday, July 12, for an extra special edition of Traditional Jazz, starting off with one hour of music dedicated to Uncle Lionel Batiste, Treme Brass Band's bass drummer and co-leader with Benny Jones, who passed away on July 8th, 2012.  Unc's inimitable style became recognizable worldwide, as he performed at countless second lines, clubs, and jazz festivals as a drummer and as a Grand Marshall. Among his many awards, he received 2011's JazzAscona Award, which proclaimeded that he was "an extraordinary musician..., ubiquitous on the scene, a legend to young musicians, and a true connection to the music's tradition and roots".

100 year old Lionel Ferbos will be in WWOZ's studio during our second hour to celebrate his upcoming birthday. Mr. Ferbos was born in New Orleans on July 17, 1911, and has lived here his entire life, except for a brief stay in Plaquemines Parish after Hurricane Katrina. After 86 years of playing music, he still headlines a regular gig at Palm Court Jazz Cafe on Saturday nights.

His 101st birthday is next week on Tuesday, July 17th, and will be celebrated at the Palm Court Jazz Cafe, currently closed for vacation. The party is completely booked, but you can send birthday greetings to Mr. Lionel Ferbos, care of Palm Court, 1204 Decatur Street, New Orleans, LA 70116.

For more information about the birthday celebration or for reservations for Lionel Ferbos' regular Saturday night gig or other events, call (504)525-0200, or check out their website online at: http://www.palmcourtjazzcafe.com/

Thursday's Traditional Jazz Show airs 9:00- 11:00AM New Orleans time on WWOZ 90.7FM.

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