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Sun Ra Solstice show

Sun Ra is watching you from Saturn!
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Alright all you Solar System Intergalactic Tone Scientists, the mad mixers of the Kitchen Sink, in celebration of the Summer Solstice, will be presenting the usual 2 hours of Sun Ra!


Sun Ra of the Intergalactic Omniverse Orchestra

Sun Ra of the Nubian Planet Arkestra

Sun Ra: the Master of Time and Space.

When the world was in darkness and darkness was ignorance, along came RA!


This will happen Tuesday June 19 at 10 PM CST.  We'll be featuring many recordings of Sun Ra's doo-wop arrangements and interviews from the Transparency 14 CD release: The Eternal Myth Revealed Vol. 1 - 1914 - 1959 as well as other fun recordings. 


Tell your friends. 

Tell your enemies. 

Tell the Tea Party!

Tell the Communist Party!

Tell the Mind Eraser party!




What time is it?

Can I tell the 1%?

Whom you can tell

A.J. - you can tell EVERYONE!

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