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Zydeco and New Orleans Blues documentaries tonight on Kitchen Sink

Calvin and Hobbes on living in New Orleans
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Tonight, the Tone Scientists and Radio Wave Commanders of the Kitchen Sink will play, for your listening pleasure and education, two documentaries by producers extrordinaire and friends of WWOZ, The Y and the Z of documentary radio, Barry Yeoman and Richard Ziglar.


First, at 10 PM, Zydeco Nation.  Take it away, Barry:




The French Creoles of South Louisiana are a rural people whose roots contain a blend of African, French, and other ancestries. During the era of legalized segregation, they developed close-knit communities and a vibrant musical culture. Then, starting in World War II, many Creoles started looking west in search of greater opportunity and freedom, and began a migration to Northern California. They brought with them the dance music that held them together as a community: zydeco. Zydeco Nation is a one-hour music-rich documentary that tells the story of that migration and looks at the zydeco culture that now thrives in the Bay Area.


And at 11 PM or so: Crescent City Blues.  Again, take it away, Barry!


Louisiana’s Interstate 10 corridor between New Orleans and Lafayette has been described as the “most musical 125 miles on Earth.” It is famously the birthplace of jazz, zydeco, and Cajun music, and also has its own brand of funk and R&B. But New Orleans and South Louisiana also have a strong blues tradition, which exists below the radar yet provides the DNA for much of the Pelican State’s other music. “Crescent City Blues,” part of a documentary series about Louisiana blues, takes listeners into the resilient-but-threatened New Orleans neighborhood bars that keep the music alive.
Please listen!
Oh, and next week, in anticipation of Easter, ASCENSION!



Beautiful Radio

That was inspiring radio last night. It is amazing how Yeoman and Zigler consistently provide long and in depth documentaries on Louisiana and New Orleans music. Thank you David Kunian for sharing such excellent radio.

So, when is the rebroadcast?

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