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The Cackle


Eight seconds in 1958.  Guitar Slim's scratchy guitar intro of the song, The Cackle; "echoing, ching, ching, ching, ching, ching, Cheeeeeng!"  Chicken scratch guitar.  Not the first musician to imitate a chicken but you can hear this Guitar Slim riff in so many songs.    I promise to stop after 20 songs by:

The Lancers

Royal Earl and the Swinging Cools

Charlie Lucas Combo

Ming and Ling

Billy LaMont

Cal Green

Billy Davis and the Legends

Bop Kats

The Crescents

Wild Jimmy Spruil

Bobby Radcliffe and many others.


In today's politics (the new professional wrestling), the 1% debate is back this week and so is the music accompaniment.  A set of songs about being so rich that machines comb your hair and you can shower in bed by Rudy Greene, Terry Clements and others.  Lastly, we'll return to the Los Angeles R&B scene which keeps appearing in my recent shows with the music of Chuck Higgins.  


Here's some samples from the evolving playlist:




Guitar Slim The Lancers Royal Earl & The Swingin' Cools Charlie Lucas Combo <with Wild Jim... Ming & Ling Jorge Ben Billy LaMont Cal Green Billy Davis & the Legends Bop-Kats The Crescents Jorge Ben Amadou & Mariam Spruill, Wild Jimmy Bobby Radcliff Bobby Radcliff Billy mure Marvin Rainwater Larry Collins Jimmy Bryant & Speedy West Danny Gatton Chuck Higgins Daddy Cleanhead Ron Fury The Rivieras Various Artists

Rudy Greene Sylvester the Cat Richard Roundtree Terry Clements and the Tune Tones

Jerry McCain Moe the Bartender Larry Liggett

Irma Thomas Burke Ingraffia

Johnny Rivers

Go Cat Go

The Subdudes

, Bobby Betty Jo With Johnny Star Johnny O'Keefe Detroit Jr. Magnetto 





Ecpecting you that all the

Ecpecting you that all the best for all your owen blog attempts.

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