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A few "Soul Sister" playlists for you . . .

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Hi, right on friends and soulful people.

Over the years, updating my playlists here has not been one of my strong suits <sheepish grin>, though it is my main goal to inform all listeners about the music I'm playing so that you can enjoy it for yourself again and again.  Thanks to the new WWOZ playlist reporting software, it's easier than ever for me to archive my playlists in written form for you.  Now, and as a result, below you'll find playlists for several of my most recent shows (including my Saturday "Soul Power," as well as a few other shows I've filled in and guest-hosted for).  I'll keep updating you in this way.  Also feel free to follow me at facebook.com/djsoulsister and via twitter.com/djsoulsister.  Thank you for requesting these playlists, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions about the music I love to share with you.

All the best in rare groove!

soul sister




Late Night BAM:


BAM from the French Market:




Soul Power with Soul Sister:




Soul Power with Soul Sister:



*BAM stands for "Black American Music"


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