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Storm Worn and Born to Rock! The Drive-by Truckers Tonight!

Go Go Boots - the new Drive-by Truckers LP, artwork by Wes Freed
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...Lee approaching Atchafalaya Bay...heavy rains...strong gusty
winds...and possible tornadoes lashing southeastern Louisiana...

It's Saturday morning and New Orleans is under Tropical Storm Warning. Big Whoop. A little storm isn't going to stop The Drive-By Truckers from playing Tipitina's, tonight!

At least at this writing, they say "the show is ON".  So put on your boots, and get ready to ROCK, Southern Style!

These guys and gal, are the real thing. One of my favorite bands recording and touring today.

So tie up your trash can, batten down the hatches, make sure you have drinkable water.

While your are at it, check out The Drive-By Truckers website, see the art, and download the song "Used to be a Cop" from the new DBT album Go-Go Boots.

Don't forget to visit artist Wes Freed's website for the illustrated story of The Drive By Truckers in beautiful, colorful and detailed pictures.





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