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Knocking Facebook

An alligator climbing up a front door
Defriend! Defriend!
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Girl wondering whether to open door
The front door was the social media of the 1950s
Knock knock joke cartoon of the 1930s
There is a Stuff Smith song that consists entirely of knock knock jokes.

Knock Knock Joke


Another midnight to 3am shift of entertaining Saturday night drunk drivers.  Tonight's musical features include the swamp sound extending from Louisiana to Houston with songs from Excello and Duke / Peacock labels.  We'll also give our recent Wild Jimmy Spruill feature an encore and explore a couple Danny Barker influenced songs from the Lost Bayou Ramblers and Esquerita.  Ah who am I kidding, I'll focus on that New Orleans sound of the 50s to 70s as I do every Saturday night.  And yes, there will be the interactive media set where you and I dance to dance instructional songs.  Call it hyperactive interactive media but it is sure more interesting than the other interactive media which offers some troll's comments about something they don't understand.   


While we're on the 50's version of modern media, we'll finish up the show with the 50' to 70's version of social media. Before social media like Facebook, the critical social media was, well, your front door.  Knocking on a front door was how you would announce your friendship intention and their reaction determined whether you had a friend.  Sometimes the door owner wouldn't answer, sometimes they would send someone else out to say they weren't home, sometimes (so I hear) they would actually answer the door and welcome your friendship.  Just like today's internet, there were all these creepy sales folks who would piggyback on then social media by doing door-to-door sales.  That's how we bought our encyclopedia and vacuum cleaner.  I still remember hiding in the stairway with my mom when other door-to-door sales goons would come knocking.  


With so much emotion at stake, there are plenty of songs about those front door moments when you're "friended or de-friended." 

Here's the archived show:


<script id='prx-p67573-embed' src='http://www.prx.org/p/67573/embed.js?size=small'></script>

Oh yeah, Huey Long's early career included a long stint selling door-to-door.  Me?  Oh my facebook page has one friend - Rayvon Reid, a bounty hunter.   


Here's the plan - 


110828    129 songs

Name Time Album Artist

The Outer Limits #1 Opening 1 0:23 Jamie Show

Station Identification 0:07 Station ID Cara Dell'Apa

I'm Lost <saturday night> 1:41 Bad Boy Mickey Hawks

Mr. know it all unlimitedMisinformat… 0:10


laughingAtName 0:11

smelledAsBad 0:06

suingPleasure 0:06

moralCompass 0:06

boredomMonotony 0:09


One More Chance 2:35 Sound Of The Swamp: The Best Of E… Carol Fran

Holy mashed potatoes 2 0:02 Batman and Robin Robin

Hot Potato 2:11 Wrangler City Ruthie And The Wranglers

Stop pointing guns or get a bigger g… 0:05

Havin' A Whole Lot Of Fun 1:59 Sound Of The Swamp: The Best Of E… Johnny Jano

but you said, never mind what I said 0:03

I Would Be A Sinner 2:04 Sound Of The Swamp: The Best Of E… Charles Sheffield

Cotton Pickin' 1:35 The Last Great Rockabilly Saturday… Mickey Hawks


Genevieve- Huey Smith- Ace 1 2:26

Dragon Walk- The Nobelmen- USA 1 1:47

This means war 0:03

How Can You Be So Mean 2:31 The Best Of Duke-Peacock Blues Johnny Ace

hal_bye 0:05

Goodbye 2:45 The United Records Story The Pastels

If you want him come and claim him 0:03

Don't You Wanna Man Like Me 2:02 Sound Of The Swamp: The Best Of E… Jay Nelson


Memphis 2:17 Wild Jimmy Spruill-Scratch 'n Twist… Dan-Dees

People like you, afraid school 0:04 X Men Mystique

Little School Girl 1:40 Wild Jimmy Spruill-Scratch 'n Twist… Jim & Bob Harrison

Cut And Dried 2:27 Wild Jimmy Spruill-Scratch 'n Twist… Spruill, Wild Jimmy

Its alive 0:02 Frankenstien original

You Can Get Him Frankenstein 2:34 Scary Songs Castle Kings

It's alive 0:07 Young Frankenstine


Sweet Little Girl <Kansas City progr… 2:39 Wild Jimmy Spruill-Scratch 'n Twist… Lynn Taylor & Peachettes

Kansas City March 2:41 Wild Jimmy Spruill-Scratch 'n Twist… Spruill, Wild Jimmy

Stowaway. Search the ship. She's n… 0:11

Mississippi Steamboat <ship boat tr… 2:49 The Best Of Duke-Peacock Blues Fenton Robinson

Tiny's Boogie 3:00 The United Records Story Tiny Grimes

Look at you and im home 0:05

She Set My Soul On Fire <Houston T… 2:54 The Best Of Duke-Peacock Blues Sonny Parker


Tootie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing 3:08 New Orleans To New York 1949-1964 Danny Barker

No place this place place <joint bar… 0:05 Three Stooges

Dew Drop Inn 2:18 The Hound - December 26, 1992 Esquerita

worthless quiters way out 0:04

This Should Go On Forever 2:50 Sound Of The Swamp: The Best Of E… Guitar Gable

I must not cry 0:07

Mathilda 3:12 Kings Of Swamp Pop Cookie & The Cupcakes

I'm new to this escaped prisoner crap 0:03

Prisoner Song 2:53 Sound Of The Swamp: The Best Of E… Warren Storm


Hippy Hippy Shake <Rene Hall arran… 1:44 The Del-Fi & Donna Story Chan Romero <Rene Hall arrange an…

Insane in the membrane 0:02

Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Ext Specialty 626… 2:52 Larry Williams - At His Finest Special… Ace Records

Being a super hero is hard Im tired 0:06 Harvey Birdman

I Ain't Gonna Do It No More 2:29 Chess New Orleans [2/2] {Detailed-I… Bobby Charles

Let's go get drunk 0:04 Futurama Bender

Sister Lucy <drunk rampart street> 2:29 The Cosimo Matassa Story: Cat Music Bobby Mitchell & The Toppers

fooledem 0:08

Little Coquette 2:14 The Cosimo Matassa Story Jimmy Beasley

Stowaway. Search the ship. She's n… 0:11

Searching For My Love 2:32 The Chess Story 1947-1975 (1965-… Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces


Hey Pee Wee do you know what time… 0:02 Pee Wee Playhouse Clocky

Every Night About This Time 2:05 Fifties Collection Domino, Fats

nightcap 0:06

In The Night 2:20 The Allen Toussaint Touch Chick Carbo

Meet Me At The Station 3:26 Drawers Trouble Chuck Carbo


Eh La Bas 5:29 New Orleans To New York 1949-1964 Danny Barker

Belle 3:37 Lost Bayou Ramblers


Town Without Pity 3:32 Wrangler City Ruthie And The Wranglers

I'm A Doctor - Medley 0:09 Star Trek Bones

Things I'm Not (The Hula Monsters) 3:07 Americana Motel Hula Monsters


Stop acting so stupid - Fry 0:04 FuFuturama Fry

Cut That Out 2:51 The United Records Story Junior Wells

Keep On Doggin' 2:51 The Best Of Duke-Peacock Blues Rosco Gordon

Fine and Brown (alternate) 2:57 The United Records Story Roosevelt Sykes



I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door 2:04 Wanda Jackson

you rang2 <knock door> 0:03 Munsters Lurch

Knock on my door 2:45 Marvellous Marvelettes Marvelettes

I'm carlton the doorman 0:02

Hot Skillet Mama <knocking> 3:06 Yochanan with Sun Ra's Arkestra

what knockers thank you dr 0:14

Knock Knock <door> 2:07  Carol Fran

Plan 9 friendly intentions 0:07 Movies Plan 9

Comin' Over 1:50  Shirley & Lee

alwaysYourFriend 0:07

Bim Bam Boom <knockin at my back… 2:47  Eldorados

Its Me Knocking 2:28 Spazzy Answer Songs Jeanie and Her Boyfriends


I Hear You Knockin' 2:15 Ponderosa Stomp No. 7 Lazy Lester

Howdy I'm Uncle fester from next d… 0:03

Keep A Knockin' (Take 4) 2:11 the Specialty Sessions (Disc 3) Little Richard

OZ go away come back tomorrow 0:02

No Use Knocking 2:13 Chess New Orleans [1/2] {Detailed-I… Bobby Charles

go away you bother me 0:02 Cartoons Fog Horn Leg Horn

Let the Doorbell Ring 2:26    Larry Dale <guitar/singer><later pl…

keep away from me meathead 0:01 All in the Family Archie Bunker

There He Is (At My Door) 2:22 Vol2 Motown Singles The Vells

My evil self is at that door and 0:05 Movie Forbidden Planet

I Ain't Gonna Let You In <door knoc… 2:33 Ain't No Method To This Blues'n Sou… Paul Gayten And Annie Laurie

I Hear You Knockin' 2:44 Spirit of New Orleans: The Genius of… Lewis, Smiley

Doors close in five seconds _closing_ 0:04

Well I Knocked & I Knocked 2:15 Rockabilly & Hillbilly Bop Volume Eight Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps

Why Don't You Just Go, Get Out, Lea… 0:21

Here You Come Again <knock> 2:35 Watch 45 RPM Crescents & McMillan Sisters

Don't Knock 1:58    Pastels

Doors of the French Quarter 0:33 Jamie


The Rooster <dance> 2:30 Wild Jimmy Spruill-Scratch 'n Twist… Spruill, Wild Jimmy

Patty Cake Shake <dance> 3:01 Wardell Quezerque Sixty Somkin' So… Guitar Ray

The Jet <dance> 2:26 Wardell Quezerque Sixty Somkin' So… Jimmie "J"

(There's Gonna Be A) Showdown 2:38 Tightening It Up: Best Of Archie Bell & The Drells



We're not all drunk!

In fact, dear Jamie, some of us hardly drink at all, instead preparing ourselves for this weekly musical journey we share with you by getting stoned out of our minds.

Shhhh Todd, I'm trying to cover for you.

My favorite quote from a Saturday night caller;

"I'm driving across the Causeway Bridge and I'm so loaded that I'm afraid I'll fall asleep unless you play Freebird."

When the discussion then focused on whether Freebird was an appropriate song for my show instead of all the other horrible problems with the passing-out-drunk-driving-on-the-world's-longest-bridge, I realized there was something substantially wrong with me. Palm to forehead slap - of course, I should have told them to immediately call a commercial station.

The great Todd Fisher went to Harold Chamberlin's Northern California church a couple months ago at the same hour that Harold predicted the end-of-the-world. Todd said the church was closed so he milled around for about an hour then just before leaving, he felt a good California tremor. My kind of guy - Todd Fisher.

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