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The Voice that stopped my heart - Dax Riggs in New Orleans

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False prophets, or rather, critics label Dax Riggs with words like “dark”, “morbid”, “goth” but maybe they are confused by his album titles such as “We Sing of Only Blood or Love” or song titles such as “I Hear Satan“.
I see him more as an angel crying out of the the darkness with unfettered truth. Oh sure, he sings of demons, and devils and hearing Satan…
But after all “Lucifer” translates to “Bringer of light“, or light bearer“.
What’s dark is my mind, so dark. Dark corners, dusty and filled with unpleasant things. That is why I love Dax Riggs pure voice, firing on all four pistons, full and undeniable it shines a rainbow of light into those bad alleys and back rooms of my being, blasting away a thick layer of decay, and I thank him.
Ever since I first heard “Say Goodbye to the World” it was like a Rebel Yell, like a trumpet call that brought down some Walls of Jericho in my brain.
So, take courage and enter the dark club, walk past the high heel hotties like wide eyed deer in your headlights, and black clad boys looking to score,
So many hungry night rangers branded with ink, to see an angel clad in white mount the stage like the Archangel Michael ready to conquer Satan.
Maybe Dax Riggs rode into the French Quarter on a white horse, being followed by a black dog.
(to illustrate my meaning here please listen to “Night is the Notion” from “We Sing Only of Blood or Love”.)
So, instead of reading the reviews like this, take a listen to Dax Riggs music. His songs bloom like moonflowers in the midnight, and his pure voice rings like raindrops on parched dry land.
Inbetween songs
Dax Riggs looks up at the audience and says “I Love You”, and I believe he means it.
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