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Jazz Racine

Spirit of the Road vèvè.
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The best creative collaborations always seem to draw individuals who’ve come from different points to converge suddenly at a crossroads in a seemingly “accidental” moment.  But…we know that nothing simply happens by accident!

  Today’s Jazz from the French Market highlights some of the music of this special meeting of souls—namely, Guadeloupian saxophonist Jacques Schwarz-Bart; Trinidadian saxophonist, Etienne Charles, Obed Calvaire, Milan Milanovic, Luques Curtis and Vodou priests Errol Josué and Jean-Baptiste Bonga.

In a series of recent emails Jacques Schwartz-Bart writes, “I wanted to keep you abreast of my latest creation: ‘Jazz Racine’.  It is centered around Voodoo music and jazz…. This project is fresh out of my drawers, and we won’t record for another year or so.  So (there is) no CD just yet.”

Do take the time to watch the following YouTube clips, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XLI5iPtBnc, and then check out the playlist for today’s show in a few hours.  It’s exciting to experience the deep rhythms of Vodou renewing vows with Jazz in continuously evolving syncretism.  It’s a classic prayer from the heart spoken in a new tongue.


Special thanks to James Mulligan (of WOMR/WFMR in Cape Cod) for the Spirit of the Crossroad vèvè pictured above.





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