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Help! I'm Stuck in the Studio.

Gort outside his chopped saucer
Is Gort Out There?
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Special Show Air Time:

Saturday, May 21, 2011 - 11:59pm - Sunday, May 22, 2011 - 3:00am

Program: Blues in the Night with Jamie Dell'Apa

While previewing Louisiana's new history and biology textbook I ran into ....


 Unfortunately, with the end-of-the-world scheduled just before my Saturday midnight shift, it makes it hard to plan the program.  

I'm a bit geeky about radio so while others were pondering the big existential questions associated with the end of the world at the promised "rapture," I was wondering how the Emergency Broadcast System would operate; "This is not a test, you will not be returned to regularly scheduled programming.  Ever.  Open the secret codes and follow the instructions.  See if you get past step #3 before you kiss your butt goodbye."  

Unfortunately, long before the scheduled rupture, I fell asleep.  A deep drooling sleep.  (So New Orleans, isn't it?)  Now, I've just woke up and peeled the Cheez Nips off the side of my face.  What happened?  Did the rupture occur?  Are we in heaven or hell or purgatory or limbo land?  ("How low can you go?")  


Ohhhhh, it's gonna be a tough show tonight.  What songs to you play if you don't know whether you're deal or alive?   I'm not ever sure which God or anti-God am I supposed to be apple polishing / brown nosing up to now?  Is there some glass am I supposed to break in case of rupture?  Better not use the elevator tonight.  I guess I'll ride my bike down the stairs.  

Okay radio geek, when in doubt, go to the Program Log.  It has management and the FCC's performance mandates for show hosts.  That baby will answer all my radio questions... except it is silent on the rupture / rapture.

Come on Jorge - what am I supposed to do?  I'm not even sure of the proper wording for a legal station identification.  WWOZ uhhhhh New Orleans ... earth ... heaven .... uhhhh on the escalator to heaven/hell.   

Call me.  I need direction.  Need to know what is going on outside of the studio.  Is it true that all drummers have been raptured and that all rhythm sections are like these guys?  







P.S.  Please don't let it be Rapture by Gort. 





the rapture

Being in Oakland, went with some friends down to Harold's church to experience the rapture tonight first hand. Actually to mock, but sadly the place was locked up tight (Why would they have done so, what with the end coming and all? Well, this is Oakland, so I guess I understand). Here's the thing though: after an hour of nothing, once we decided nothing was going to happen, while starting to leave, just after 7:00, would you believe there was an earthquake? Earthquake? Alright, it was only a 3.6, so scared no one but tourists and true believers, yet I'll admit for the briefest of moments I did think maybe Harold was off by but an hour.

So from ground zero of the rapture, sadly I have nothing to report, though assume most would agree that in this instance, no news is good news.

All Shook Up


What a scream of a story. Love your candor about that instant when the quake hit that maybe, just maybe it was happening.

I think you're completely logical as a name like "Harold" grants him some credibility. As in Jesus "H" Christ which we must assume the "H" is for "'Harold' by thy name."


Rapture is an OZ studio

Hey Jamie,

Didn't you know that heaven is just one great big jazz radio station? So yes, you raptured. Hope you're ok with disc jockeying in heaven for the rest of eternity.

Today's news - the rapture has been postponed until October

Today they're claiming they miscalculated the date by five months.

He must have forgotten to carry the one. An excusable mistake if the guy wasn't a civil engineer.

Perhaps he also designed the 17th Street, New London and Industrial Canal levees that failed during Katrina.

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