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Special "In Between Wednesday" Programming! (Good News Bad News)

Does any body want to be a winner? If your answer is yes, then tune in at 7:00 p.m.
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Tune in at Ten O'clock to hear Mr. Quintron d.j. the Kitchen Sink Show
Double A hamming it up with Ballzack and Odoms
King Louie, Miss Pussycat and Mr. Quintron play the Vibraphone

The bad news is Billy Delle will be out resting tonight after returning back from Pakistan on “Classified Business”.

The good news (to some it may be bad news) is the Boudin Man has plans to hijack the airwaves from 7:00 p.m. to midnight with some very special programming.

The 7 o'clock hour we are expecting a visit from Mr. Clint Maedgen of the New Orleans Bingo Show and Preservation Hall Jazz Band. We will be playing tracks off the New Orleans Bingo Show new c.d. Memory Parade.

The 8 o'clock hour I will be spinning from a stack of dusty and scratched 45 records that have not seen the light of day in some time.

The 9 o'clock hour west bank bad boys Ballzack and Odoms will show up to hijack the airwaves and entertain you and talk about their gig Saturday night at Studio Three Mid City.

10 o'clock to midnight Mr. Quintron will be hosting the Kitchen Sink Show. Hopefully I can get him to talk about the new Quintron record “SUCRU DU SAUVAGE” as well as giving us the 999 on the record release party and the Quintron and Miss Pussycat gig on Friday. Miss Pussycat was not confirmed but we hope that she will make it in to assist Mr. Quintron for what I am sure will be an eclectic set of music.

I can't wait!

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